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  •   There are numerous benefits to both young children and teens when it comes to involvement in a different recreational activities and programs including physical health and developmental, social development and interacting with others within their age group, emotional development and mental health and well-being, and intellectual development.  Young ones can learn about boundaries, rules, […]

  • As I sit here reflecting on my early childhood experiences with local community or recreation centers, it almost feels like a distant but blissful memory.  Growing up, I was constantly active and engaged with a variety of activities and programs offered at our local community center (the pal).  Growing up we would go to the […]

  • This article by the New York Times talks about how the food you eat (or aren’t eating) impacts your mood. Click here to find out more Top 10 List

  • Delicious Delicacies For The Curious Eater Welcome to our new food blog, where we talk all things cuisine, food memories, recipes, culture, health & wellness, and connect with you the amazing cooks here and abroad that have influenced some of the recipes in our cookbook. We hope you enjoy this wonderful journey and connect with […]

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