The options for giving are endless, see below for a way to give that suits you best.


Start Your Own Coin Drive

Start a coin drive

1) Plan and prep for your coin drive (we’re here to help if you need us).                2) Decide the month and the best way to host your coin drive (school/company wide competition, coin wars, etc).
3)Create your virtual fundraising page, flyer, or social media content to promote your coin drive.
4)Decide where you’ll set up your coin collection jar(s).  Be sure to check on the jar 1-2 times per week and empty if filled.
5)Collect and donate proceeds to our charity! Be sure to tag us on your posts so we can promote as well.

Dedicate Your Birthday/Special Event


  1. Create an online fundraising campaign page on platforms such as Facebook, GoFundMe, or Kickstarter.
  2. Select our organization to donate proceeds towards our cause.  Be sure to tag us on Facebook!

Donate your birthday, anniversary, or any other special event in your life.

Become A Team Leader: Dine For A Cause

  1. Sign up to become a team leader by contacting us contactus@indacares.org.
  2. Sign the Team Leader Agreement Form.
  3. Plan your lunch/dinner party (we’re here to help if you need).
  4. Form your team (your guests).
  5. Dine for a Cause (relax, eat, and raise money).
  6. Send us pictures, videos, and/or tag us on social media.
Join Our Monthly Giving Program

  1. Make your donation on our website & be sure to select the option to give monthly.
  2. Want to make life easier?  Instead of going through our site, just text LETSBUILD to 44-321 to donate & choose the option to give monthly.
  3. You can choose the amount ($15, $20, $25, $50, $100, or another amount).
  4. While we appreciate your monthly gift, we understand that circumstances may change. You are under no obligation and can adjust the amount or cancel your donation at any time.
Purchase Our Cookbook

  1. Option 1: Visit our website
  2. Option 2: Order paperback or E-book on Amazon (don’t forget to log onto Amazon Smiles when ordering, at no cost to you, we’ll receive a percentage of your order!) Amazon
  3. Option to send us (or tag us) pictures of you with your book or food!
  4. Option to review our cookbook on Amazon so that we can keep selling on Amazon 🙂
Form A Team (Bikeathon/Runathon)

  1.  Contact us to find out how you can form a running or walking team with your friends, colleagues, classmates, and/or family.
  2. Register for your race and name your team “Run For Angola”.
  3. Set up your fundraising page (i.e. Facebook event, GoFundMe, GiveSignUp).
  4. We will work with you to help organize, promote your race, highlight team members, find sponsors, and collect donations.
Involve Your School/Host A Drive

  1. Contact us to find out about any campaigns, projects, or programs we are currently running so that you can host a drive at your school, place of work, or place of workshop to help gather related supplies.
  2. Our volunteer team will work with you to customize your drive & set it up for success!
  3. Don’t want to host a drive?  Other options to raise donations include but are not limited to: bake sales, car washes, concerts, contests, raffle tickets, and sales.
Corporate/Employee Matching Gifts

  1.  Contact your Human Resources representative to find out if your employer participates in employee matching programs or would like to.
  2. Add us as your preferred charity so that we can receive those matching donations from you & your employer.
Skip A Dinner/Event

1). Instead of your usual ordering from online food delivery services OR going out to eat, choose 1 night to donate the amount you would spend on that dinner to our charity.

2) Involve your friends and family too, you can choose to donate a birthday dinner, anniversary lunch, or just your regular weeknight outing.

Memorial/Dedication/Honor Gift

  1. Designate your donation to honor a loved one that is no longer with us OR as a special gift to honor a friend, family member, teacher, colleague.
  2. This gift will be meaningful, special, different, and its the ultimate gift that gives back to children in need!

  1. Have a store on E-bay?  Dedicate our charity as your charity to donate a portion of your proceeds to (good news is you get to pick how short or long to dedicate a percentage to us, you also can customize the percentage).
  2. Don’t have a store or haven’t thought about opening a store to sell your products on E-Bay?  Click on our shop to find out how you can purchase products from a vendor/store on E-bay who has designated our charity (if applicable).
  3. Our page link is here: E-Bay Charity Profile
Educate Others

  1. Want to host a workshop to your colleagues, friends, family, or classmates?  Email us for tips, PowerPoints, templates to learn how you can help educate others about Angola, Inda Cares, and how our organization is trying to make a difference!
Share Our Story

  1. Help promote our cause by LIKING & Sharing our social media handles and/or posts.
  2. Tell a friend to tell some friends 🙂

  1. Donate on our website or text LETSBUILD to 44-321.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.

mwangolé: Delicious Delicacies

  •   This is the E-book only, paperback version available here Go on a mouthwatering exploratory journey as Keyla shares some of her favorite Angolan & Portuguese dishes.  From traditional to fusion with a twist, learn information about these two wonderful yet complex countries, all while empowering young children's lives in Angola.  Drawing inspiration from her childhood, travels, and a deep dive into her ancestral & cultural background.  You'll learn how to make foods ranging from Peanut Chicken Stew, Palm Oil Beans, Veggie Peanut Stew, and Fufu  to Codfish Cakes, Braised Steak, Sangria, and Delicious Desserts.  Featuring tons of recipes, this cookbook will not only warm your heart but will also let you bring a little taste of Africa & Portugal into your own home! This is a community cookbook 100% of the profits generated from the sales of this book will go towards the construction of our Inda Cares Community in Ucua-Bengo, Angola.  Our first project is to build a school for children in the community and a health clinic! In conjunction with Yummy Tummy Food Co.